Sebastian Shaper Spray

For the same reason that I keep and revisit empty bottles of old perfumes, I’ll sometimes blast a spray of Sebastian Shaper into its cap at the grocery store. The first time I smelled it was when I was hugged by one of my brother’s girlfriends – it seemed to smell exactly the way college girls were supposed to, and I wanted the life that it seemed to convey. Somewhat sweet but not exactly floral or aldehydic, feminine and modern and alluring– an obviously designed scent that faded enticingly before it could wear out its welcome, making you try to recapture it.

Years later, I felt like I’d finally achieved college-girl status after it was sprayed on my own hair in the similarly modern mirrors and concrete and bright lights Studio Salon across the street from my school. Even though it never worked the way I thought it would (i.e. the college boys weren’t drawn to me like moths to flame), I still feel that same aspirational optimism when I smell it today.


About Samantha

2006 - Portland, OR Samantha Soma is an erstwhile aromatherapist, collects vintage and modern perfumes, and is in love with the sense of smell. She lives in the Northwest, which means that books, coffee, wine, beer, and humidity play large roles in her personal experience.
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