Ivory Soap

First encountered when washing my hands at preschool (we used Zest at home), and then more recently at J—-‘s house when we were both studying or writing for Comps. It’s kind of a sharp, indefinable scent, which contains the rarely encountered lemongrass. One whiff and you’re awash in images of purity, simplicity, fluffy white towels, and a bar of soap dropped into and then floating in a clear water-filled basin. It’s impossible to confuse the smell with anything else, especially if you’ve ever had your mouth washed out with it. Although it’s a bit too intense for me to want to smell like it for an entire day, the scented lather and warm water carve out a respite that primes me for whatever’s coming next.


About Samantha

2006 - Portland, OR Samantha Soma is an erstwhile aromatherapist, collects vintage and modern perfumes, and is in love with the sense of smell. She lives in the Northwest, which means that books, coffee, wine, beer, and humidity play large roles in her personal experience.
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