Santa Ana Winds

This is one of those scents you have to catch early in the morning, before all the moisture’s been leached out of the air and you can’t smell anything at all. First is the last vestiges of the cool morning air that’s rapidly warming up, followed by the rarely encountered smell of mature leaves blowing against each other–there’s eucalyptus, sure, but also additional green smells from the olive, citrus and avocado trees in the back yard–that aren’t as pungent or moist as freshly mown grass, but are still identifiably vegetal. The wind-chimes and rustling leaves add to the excitement that the Santa Ana’s always seem to bring, and there’s probably already a spiky-stemmed palm frond or two on the front lawn that needs to be carefully carted to the side of the house. Later in the day the smoke from the inevitable wildfires reminds everyone of one of the downsides of living in the Golden State.


About Samantha

2006 - Portland, OR Samantha Soma is an erstwhile aromatherapist, collects vintage and modern perfumes, and is in love with the sense of smell. She lives in the Northwest, which means that books, coffee, wine, beer, and humidity play large roles in her personal experience.
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4 Responses to Santa Ana Winds

  1. Molly says:

    This is such a vivid memory for me, as well. I never noticed it visiting family as a kid, but as an adult living in LA I became very aware of it. My favorite cousin, Tina, who has lived her life in Pasadena, writes beautifully about the Santa Anas.

  2. Samantha says:

    Molly, I’d love to read her writings if they’re available.
    Let me know,

  3. Ktos says:

    Spierdalajcie wszyscy razem

  4. Samantha says:

    Hmmm. Any Polish speakers out there?

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