Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

You either get the reference, or you don’t. I can only imagine the solace that the delicate, sprightly bergamot smell would offer to a Starfleet Captain who is lightyears from home, but I’d guess it’s similar to the immediate relaxation and pleasure that I feel when I inhale over my own cup of tea. The feeling of comfort and youthfulness might be because bergamot is the same flavoring that’s used in Trix cereal, but whatever the reason, it’s nice to have such a reliable talisman to call upon in times of unease or fatigue.


About Samantha

2006 - Portland, OR Samantha Soma is an erstwhile aromatherapist, collects vintage and modern perfumes, and is in love with the sense of smell. She lives in the Northwest, which means that books, coffee, wine, beer, and humidity play large roles in her personal experience.
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2 Responses to Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

  1. Molly says:

    Agreed! Earl Grey and Jasmine Green both give me that hopeful, happy sense. I was just thinking that a few minutes ago when I made a cup :).

  2. Samantha says:

    Cheers, Molly. Hope it continues to do the trick as we head into the holiday season!

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