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Mirabelle Eau de Vie

Wow. The first whiff of the light but heady alcohol burn boomeranged me right back to the dark little shed in France where my French dad, RenĂ©-Pierre, was beginning the process of making mirabelle eau de vie. The mirabelle plum … Continue reading

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Me-n-Ed’s Pizza

Whenever my brothers’ baseball team won an important game, the whole team would be taken to Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlour. The dark wood and barely windowed medieval-ish space of my memory is a far cry from their current vaulted and bright … Continue reading

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Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

You either get the reference, or you don’t. I can only imagine the solace that the delicate, sprightly bergamot smell would offer to a Starfleet Captain who is lightyears from home, but I’d guess it’s similar to the immediate relaxation … Continue reading

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