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Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

You either get the reference, or you don’t. I can only imagine the solace that the delicate, sprightly bergamot smell would offer to a Starfleet Captain who is lightyears from home, but I’d guess it’s similar to the immediate relaxation … Continue reading

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Clove Cigarette

A bittersweet mixture of Knott’s Berry Farm at night, ripe with the promise of cruising, anonymous teenagers (although I was usually the “friend” in that scenario), and the disastrous Halloween party I attended in high school, when what I didn’t … Continue reading

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Ivory Soap

First encountered when washing my hands at preschool (we used Zest at home), and then more recently at J—-‘s house when we were both studying or writing for Comps. It’s kind of a sharp, indefinable scent, which contains the rarely … Continue reading

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